Re-Envision Your Philanthropy Leadership Position
"My writings are meant to help leaders create their grander vision so they get more clarity and feel more confident in inspiring the world with their legacy!"
Maurits van Sambeek, MA.
The Last eBook you need to read?
This will definitely inspire you to think above and beyond what you thought possible...
How To Navigate The New Normal?
With this article series you get new insights to reshape your leadership for this decade and beyond...
"Finding Focus is one of the most precious leadership practices these days!"
Maurits van Sambeek, MA.
What are the three levels of wisdom to focus upon for strong business leadership these days?
What does it take to become a mastermind philosopher?
"Getting OFF the social hustle hamster wheel while still having a well-versed online presence in place is rapidly becoming the golden standard of effective leadership in the digital age.
And it can begin with a simple yet streamlined 'from profile to profits' social funnel."
Maurits van Sambeek, MA.
What is the fastest way from profile to profits?
The Wise Business Leader Blueprint helps you understand and re-think what it means to have a social presence online (even without having to be on camera)!
This can be good for you as well as for the online presence of the people in your organization.
An example of how you can make a social media page work for you even if you're not that active with it.

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