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This High NEW Value Approach...

Gives You More Clarity, Purpose and Confidence To Navigate The New Normal...

...without weird propaganda tricks or any sacrifice to your values, dreams or higher impact Ideals

The Philanthropy Leader Blueprint™
  • Enhance your philanthropy leadership skills using these 3  secret stages of success...and how that'll give you extra advantages when identifying and stewarding prospective donors and training new staff!
  • How you can get more people involved in rooting for your cause...without having to call long nights and days on end!
  • ​How to create better solicitation materials for the fundraising team...even when you tried everything else before but couldn't find any improvements!
The Philanthropy Leader Blueprint™ 
"How To Balance Love, Sex, Wisdom and Success in the Warm Embrace of Everlasting Happiness" ...without any sacrifice on your values or dreams or higher impact ideal, so you can actually live your legacy now and have real impact into infinity!

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Why This Blueprint?
The biggest problems of our days in this decade are of an unprecedented magnitude. 
We see…
  • Crises in politics, raging pandemics and troubled global economies…
  • Climate change, energy quests, inhumanly high-speed technology and diminishing industries adrift…
  • Educational shifts, new healthcare needs and medical breakthroughs that elongate our life-spans so we need different housing and infrastructures for living and recreation for all generations…
…to name just a few of the fields of concern.

On top of that come questions of inclusiveness, diversity, gender, ethics, and confused human relations between ourselves and ‘the rise of the machines’ (Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, VR, Quantum Computers, etc.).

As a leadership philosopher with a philanthropical attitude I care deeply about all of these things, for myself, for you, and for our next generations.

That's why...
Hi, I'm Maurits van Sambeek 

Maurits van Sambeek, MA.
Philosopher for Philanthropists
Living in lovely Laarbeek, 
the Netherlands

In the past three decades I rigorously studied the science of wisdom, first as an interested student, then as an academic philosopher and then for a decade as a thought leader.

I practically applied what I learned in different modalities of coaching, consulting, authorship, and as course creator, seminar leader and Mastermind facilitator.

And since the beginning of this decade I put more emphasis on creating productive and repeatable frameworks for visionary leadership without becoming enslaved to protocols, thus guaranteeing freedom of thought and perpetual creativity minus the overwhelm or confusion.

In the process I had the honor to talk with hundreds of leaders, high-end executive coaches and pioneers in futuristic fields of industry.

What I learned is that they are all aware (way more than the every-man) about the massive global shifts we’re experiencing right now – and they courageously take the lead in helping these transitions run smoothly.

But there was ONE problem coming up again and again…
There's ONE problem they all struggle with...
That ONE problem they all struggle with is the grasping of the greater coherence and interplay of it all – the paradigm shifts, the organizational processes, the systems that need revision, the bureaucratic protocols, people’s needs …etc. - it's all becoming too much.

Sure, within their respective fields of expertise they are the go-to person and we can learn a great many things from them. It’s humbling (to say the least) to see what kind of responsibilities they deal with on a daily basis.

Yet when it comes to comprehend the complex inter-connectedness of the Whole then they also oftentimes experience overwhelm, confusion and diffusion of focus.

That's why I did the following...
Finding Focus!
  • I doubled-down on my specialist field of expertise -Metaphysics- and distilled the key principles into a simple to grasp yet all-inclusive (Divine) Mind Map, with 9 levels of wisdom and 12 dimensions of leadership. 
  • Together with that Mind Map I also created three easy-to-use philosophical Worksheets for direct practical application with each time providing new and profound insights. And you don't need any academical background in philosophy to use them!
  • And last but not least I created a multi-layered yet clearly-to-understand Infographic that comes with a repeatable and reusable Questionnaire for ever-increasing clarity, confidence and communicative skills, to have Your Grander Leadership Vision being implemented, followed and revered.
This profound package is now called 
‘The Philanthropy Leader Blueprint™’ and it comes with powerful Mastermind sessions and laser-focus coaching calls.

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So, to recap...
The Philanthropy Leader Blueprint™
This will help you...
Get More Clarity, Purpose and Confidence To Navigate The New Normal...

...without weird propaganda tricks or any sacrifice to your values, dreams or higher impact Ideals


Trust, Truth, Talents and Treasures 
Aligned and Amplified

  • Trust: More people involved in your cause
  • Truth: Inclusiveness, Diversity, Transparency
  • Talents: Gifts, Skills, Capacities and Abilities amplified
  • Treasures: Human Potential, Human Capital, Human Growth


Greater Coherence and Confidence in Benevolent Collaborations (Master Mind Alliance)

  • Coherence: between ideas, ideals and ideologies
  • Confidence: in your own, your organization's and other people's capacities
  • Benevolent Collaborations: within your own atmosphere (personal growth), with people in your organization (professional growth), with other people and their organizations (philanthropical growth).
The Philanthropy Leader Blueprint™
Get access to this one-of-a-kind program with processes of prosperity that are
specifically tailored to Directive Leaders in Philanthropy.
And Navigate the New Normal with...
  • More Clarity
  • ​Purpose
  • ​Confidence
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